Public transportation on saturday

This project is an advertising campain .

The issue is – in Israel there is no public transport on Saturday!
Lots of fun and family activities are spared from many people just because they don't own a private vehicle .

My insight – Public transportation on Shabbat – "Oneg Shabbat" , there's another way .

My concept – "Disruption" of changing line destinations at bus stops signs to personal experiences that can be experienced through public transportation on Saturday.  Also , emphasizing the concept of "Oneg Shabbat" by using biblical scripture and thus creating a connection to the traditional religious public in order to attract the attention of this audience as well .

The concept and the creative for this advertising campaign are based on the idea that each one of us has his own way to enjoy his Saturday and experiance "Oneg Shabbat" differently.                                                                                                

The color palette fits to the public transportation colors in Israel. 


The creative solution products

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Campain logo

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