Square it " – Lupa Client project "

Lupa is a digital album company and the leading website in Israel for printing digital photos and graphical files for a variety of unique products. Lupa’s agenda is to save the digital photos from the dark storage of computers, phones and cloud services.

The concept of this project is called "squere it " . Lupa's squares are wall pictures. In fact , these are  photos from the client's phone, PC, Google Photos or Instagram , that Lupa print on high quality photo paper and pasted on hard kappa. The client just has to stick them to the wall with the stickers that come with the packaging, and tell his story in the serial .

The challange was to add a gallery of designs, illustrations and texts that can be printed alongside personal photos , to enhance the experience .

My design for this project is based on illustrations I made myself and a fitting typography along side  . 

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